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what is tomocoin

Unlike traditional proof-of-stake (PoS), PoSV realigns incentives for users to create more value for those who stake their assets to validate blocks. This bolsters the security of the platform and makes near-zero transaction fees and 2-second confirmations possible. Investigate the fundamental, underlying value of the TomoChain network and predict the value of TOMO in the future.

what is tomocoin

If the consensus mechanism holds up as planned, it could have much further to go. Masternodes can create, verify and validate new blocks on the platform. This allows you to gain more exposure to the price of TOMO than your initial investment would usually allow, but this also applies if the price falls. If you want to know where to buy TOMO coin online, simply click one of the links below. These options are some of the top brokers around as reviewed by our team of experienced analysts.

How & where to buy TomoChain (TOMO) online

This includes things like bases, Bollinger bands and stochastic oscillators. If you can spot a pattern as this develops and make your entry at a good price point, you could be in for meaningful rewards. If you want to trade, you need to open and close positions quickly to take advantage of short-term market fluctuations. When it comes to funding your account, most exchanges accept funds in the form of fiat currency and you can also use crypto like Bitcoin. Simply load your chosen funds into your account and you are good to go. Get the ball rolling by choosing a crypto exchange and creating an account.

Marketing campaigns and staker recruitments have become more brazen as more operators realize the potentially lucrative benefits of being voted a masternode. TomoChain solves issues pertaining to scalability that have long affected blockchains. It is designed what is tomocoin in a way that benefits all users rather than just those with warehouses full of tech. If TomoChain can market itself better and launch its platform successfully into the mainstream before any of its rivals, TOMO tokens could be poised for significant growth.

What are the best exchanges to buy TOMO on?

The following section explains the things you should consider when investing in or trading TOMO. Simply deposit fiat money like GBP, USD or EUR into your broker account. An important thing to remember is that before you make a trade, check that you are happy with the trading fee because you will not get this back.

  • An important thing to remember is that before you make a trade, check that you are happy with the trading fee because you will not get this back.
  • If you aim to take advantage of a long-term price increase by holding onto your TOMO tokens for an extended period of time, consider opening a crypto wallet.
  • For many exchanges, you will need to pass an identity verification check, so keep a copy of your photo ID to hand.
  • Meanwhile, masternodes need to deposit a bond of 50,000 TOMO ($26,607.01) and garner a minimum of 157,132 TOMO ($83,616.22) worth of votes to be considered.
  • The novel mechanism also allows for on-chain governance that’s more transparent and a double validation system that’s more secure.

Not many brokers support it, but if any are likely to it will be one of the top ones like eToro or Plus500. If you want to find some additional options, consult the table at the top of the page. Nevertheless, confrontations and competition are a natural consequence of the tight incentives structure built into the Tomochain platform. Their modifications to the traditional https://www.tokenexus.com/what-is-quant-coin-and-what-are-the-advantages-of-it/ PoS consensus mechanism that avoids the compromises of low transaction speeds and high costs. The novel mechanism also allows for on-chain governance that’s more transparent and a double validation system that’s more secure. Tomochain’s so-called staking wars have intensified as potential masternode operators go head-to-head for dominance on the new network.


If you believe there will be profitable growth, sign up to a crypto exchange and get some coins. If you are planning on holding your tokens for a while, opening a crypto wallet to store them in adds a level of security. You can invest in TOMO for the long term or trade it in the short term, and both of these methods can be profitable if performed correctly.

When trading TOMO, you can go short if you think the price is gong to fall, or you can go long if you expect the price to rise. When your account is fully funded and ready to trade, make sure that you are comfortable with the risks and have sufficient experience. These are accounts that function just like the real thing except with virtual money, and they can be a great learning tool before put your capital on the line. Trading TOMO can be done in a variety of different way, but everything revolves around the technical analysis and key indicators.

If trading TOMO in the short term is of interest to you, sign up to a low-fee broker and conduct some technical analysis on the price of TOMO. This entirely depends on your own investment strategy and financial outlook. If this is a thesis you believe in, now could be a good time to get some coins. By the hierarchical nature of the Tomochain platform, being a masternode is always more lucrative and powerful than being an ordinary staker. According to data from StakingRewards.com, the average TOMO staker can expect an annual yield of 9.2% at current prices.

If you want to keep learning about TomoChain, scroll down for more information. The ongoing staker wars is a natural consequence of Tomochain’s innovative approach to incentives. Rather than a hurdle, this competitiveness displays the effectiveness of the new PoSV framework. If the momentum of user and staker motivation endures, TOMO hodlers could be in for a windfall.

Benzinga – This week in the world of cryptocurrency was nothing short of eventful. If you still aren’t ready to invest in TomoChain, check out the three questions below and see if they help you make up your mind. If you aren’t quite ready to decide if investing in TomoChain is right for you, here are some of the pros and cons.

what is tomocoin